Татьяна Бородина

Татьяна Бородина

Татьяна Бородина
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This is another OC of Cederien, the Dark Elf Melandra. The…

This is another OC of Cederien, the Dark Elf Melandra. The format/composition is a little off in this one, because it's required for a special purpose. The level of detail is pretty high thoug.

viking dress - tunic

basic pattern to a viking dress, early middle-age. For the dress I'm doing right now, the yellow arrow is a bit larger, aprox 14 cm (including seam allowance).

Viking Overdress Side Lacing, forest maiden, fantasy, medieval (For Thor Odindotir)

Der Heilmagier aus Vinsalt - ein neuer Charakter für die Horasier

Friars and the Friary outside the city of Ffinn play a big part in the first Herbert Willow novel.