Father Frost

Postcard Illustration by N. Kochergin for Russian Folk Tale "Morozko / Father Frost" - Izogiz

The Magic Swan Geese

kritseldis: “ Illustration to Russian folktale “Geese and swans”.Kuznetsov, postcard printed in 1955 ”

The Frog Princess

Postcard Illustration by N. Goltz for Russian Folk Tale "The Princess Frog" -- 1956 (postcard), has not been written on

Hare's Hut

Postcard Illustration by Nosov for Russian Folk Tale "Two houses-bast and an ice" - Izogiz

The Fox and the Wolf

Postcard Illustration by P. Nosov for Russian Folk Tale "The Fox and The Wolf" -- 1956 (postcard), unsigned, good vintage condition.

Go There, Don't Know Where

Go There Don't Know Where, Russian folk tale illustration, Nikolai Kochergin Vintage Soviet postcard