the wreath on the door

DIY - Bittersweet Vines and Chinese Lantern Wreath - Twist the vines into a circle, then wrap the circle around a wire wreath form. Tuck in Chinese lanterns for a dramatic pop of color. Secure the stems and any loose pods with dots of hot glue.

Corner shelf with his hands

This step by step diy woodworking project is about corner shelf plans. If you want to learn more about building a corner shelf, we recommend you to pay

shelving for cans

Methodical Mason Jar Hangers - These Rustic Pieces of Decor Make it Easy to Organize Your Goodies (GALLERY)

shopping center of the container

This last weekend saw the inauguration of the Boxpark Shoreditch, a shopping mall made completely from shipping containers.

Wall shelf made of pipes

Wall Mounted Pipe Shelf - Part Bundles - Kits - Simplified Building, Kee Klamp, Railings, Connectors and Structural Solutions,

the hotel is on the tree

Not an awesome shot of it, but I can't find any better pictures. Treehouse from Disney's Swiss Family Robinson movie. I watched it all the time and absolutely wanted that treehouse!

the restaurant is on the tree

Bird's Nest Restaurant with Flying Waiters - The Soneva Kiri Resort in Thailand