Floor shelf with his own hands photo

This bookshelf is approximately 5 feet high, 6 feet long and wide.What's great about this shelf is it's super easy to do, looks great visually and packs up.

the tree house in the UK

Taking a page straight out of Swiss Family Robinson, the eco-lodge designers and builders at Blue Forest developed a luxury treehouse that can support an .

house from a shipping container

LOT-EK is one of the pioneers (since of shipping-container molds. The Modular Dwelling Unit, is a simple, yet brilliant Shipping Container House.

Виды живой изгороди на даче

People want privacy in their yards for obvious reasons. Most call a fencing company and have them construct a fence around the yard and usually that fence is not the nicest looking thing. Often times it is really ugly and over time the wood warps.

the table from the barrel

Instead of buying an expensive coffee table from the store make one using barrels. It’s a pretty hard DIY project but when you are done with it you will have in the center of your living room a creative, original and awesome barrel coffee table.

Regiment from Newspapers

In the sea of ideas that I had for this contest, finally a book shelf made out of newspapers deserved fruition for many reasons. It is the cheapest project I could.

houseboat in Germany

Mini houseboat complete with green roof and loft : pics

a small house in the Czech Republic

Image 3 of 14 from gallery of Forest Retreat / Uhlik architekti. Photograph by Jan Kudej

Inverted bookshelf

The inverted bookshelf turns your living room upside down as it hangs all of the books from the bottom instead of supporting them from below. It's a satisfying optical trick and doesn't damage any of the books.

House made of pallets

We will show you some very creative ideas how you could use old pallets and give new life to wood. Pallet house plans could feature a cute playhouse

Shelf for flowers or seedlings with his own hands photo

How to build an a-frame plant stand – HowToSpecialist – How to Build, Step by Step DIY Plans