vivid floral spring floral by Clarke & Clarke. The wallpaper print is called Ariadne's Dream by Kim Parker from her Artbook collection.

Kim Parker Wallcoverings by Clarke & Clarke. Kim Parker is famous for her bold, exuberant floral style in contemporary colour. Her original art has been carefully translated into fabrics and wallpapers.

Mouni Feddag

Polymath Fashion Textile Pattern Print Trend and Colour Design Consultant. Cross-Pollinating and Stimulating Creative Original Thinking with 'out of the box' Textile Trend Stories, with accompaniment.

Теория линий. Театральный Романтик и Софт Драма. - Красота, вдохновленная природой

Теория линий. Театральный Романтик и Софт Драма.

уолтер крейн: 19 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

Walter Crane, Cackatoo and Pomegranate, Colour woodblock print on paper, Victoria & Albert Museum, London


pretty things Australian Flowers: Banksias & Dryandra by Rachel Newling. Hand-coloured linocut on handmade Japanese paper, 75 x 50 cm