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a house made out of paper with the words build a tiny house area, perimeter and geometric
Build A Tiny House! Project Based Learning for Geometry and Math
Let students learn how math concepts are connected to the real world as they design their own 3D TINY HOUSE! Area, perimeter, and geometry-- math is everywhere in this project based learning activity (PBL). Designing, creating, and problem solving are key features of this resource. Build a Tiny House! $
a printable poster with the words don't say good job, and an image of This domain has expired!
#parenting - Praising kids can be harmful to their self-esteem and self-confidence. Research indicates that when kids are lavished with praise it leads them to develop a fixed mindset....
a poster with words and pictures on it that include water, ice cubes and other things
Teaching Muse
States of Matter Sketch Note Graphic Organizer Review Activity
an animal food web page with animals and plants on the bottom right hand corner, in black and white
Coral Reef Food Web Activity
A Coral Reef Food Web exercise to engage the students and build their understanding on the food web in the ocean.
an animal life cycle is shown in this diagram
Food Web Poster
the mixtures and solution worksheet for students to practice mixing, mixing and mixing
Science Posters and Anchor Charts (vol 1.)
Mixtures and Solutions Anchor Charts. This anchor chart helps your students remember characteristics and examples of Mixtures and Solutions. Use this resource to help teach Science TEK 4.5C.
two bookmarks with writing on them sitting next to each other in front of a wooden table
Mixtures and Solutions!
Panicked Teacher's Blog: Mixtures and Solutions!