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an image of samurais in the rain with caption that reads do not speak bad of yourself for the warrior within their words
The Warrior Mindset
BE kind to yourself and challenge your faults for you have enough enemies in your lifetime without adding yourself to that list...
three people with their hands on each other's butts and the words god created our skin tones with beautiful variety, but all of our souls are the same color
Say No To Racism
an older woman with grey hair wearing a green shirt
a quote with the words, a satisfied life is better than a successful life because our success
❝ A satisfied life…
an old poster with the words one morning she woke up different
One morning she woke up different.
an older woman with short white hair and blue eyes is looking at the camera while she has
“No fear to put a fool in his place” – the power of language and experience
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A Demon's Heart - The GAYS