Old space.

White Castle by Yuri Shwedoff. (via ArtStation - White Castle, Yuri Shwedoff)

undr: “ Unknown Photographer ” There’s so much I love about this - from the alligator eating the bicyclist’s head, to the girl in the rain and the inexplicable inflated alligator…

1979087 (1022×760)

A man carrying a rubber giraffe made by Clifford Martin Ltd for the British Industries Fair :: London, February 1935 [Fox Photos / Getty Images]

Kafue National Park, Zambia (elephant against light) by Sebastião Salgado


1920 - before the storm another illustration from my personal historical/fiction project - hope you like it!


The Winter Palace, St Petersburg ~ and snow cars are making The Palace Square ~ Waltz of Russian Vehicles

Галерея: Постапокалиптические иллюстрации Владимира Манюхина - Художники и арт-проекты

Russian artist Vladimir Manyuhin had enough imagination to draw some of pretty realistic illustrations about how world might look after apocalypse.