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Niceeer Pulli altööör!

Anime boy o///o

Forever 17

gemini by BlackFurya

... by BlackFurya on DeviantArt

by BlackFurya

Alice cries by on @DeviantArt

Alice cries by BlackFurya

Идеи для личного дневника - ЛД

Girl in a hat by BlackFurya

anime, osomatsu-san and choromatsu image on We Heart It

Pretty little flower girl Creds to artist

ᵇ ʸ (⺣◡⺣)♡

Xavier // 19 // Calm serious collected hates those that hurt girls protective // modeling

Oh won't you, stay with me. Cause you're, all I need.

- ̗̀ smell the roses ̖́-

I don´t turn up the music because i like it, its to block out all the shit people are screaming at me.