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an animal that is in the middle of a tree
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an animated cat standing in the middle of a room with hearts all over it's walls
Vivo — Joey Chou
Vivo — Joey Chou
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two cartoon cats are standing next to each other with the caption, a new melody
a new melody
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Vivo 2 A new melody
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"One More Song"
Is Netflix’s Vivo Worth The Watch?
In our movie review of Vivo, we tell you everything you should know about the Netflix family movie. We tell you if you should watch it, what to expect, and what we liked or disliked about it. Check it out on where we provide weekly entertainment news coverage, movie recommendations, and of course, movie reviews.
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the character celeb mah is depicted in this cartoon
an advertisement for the movie musical na netflix, which features characters from cartoons and cartoon movies
'Vivo', filme musical de Lin-Manuel Miranda na Netflix, tem seu primeiro teaser divulgado.
'Vivo', filme musical de Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton) na Netflix, tem seu primeiro teaser divulgado.
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Vivo Movie Novelization - Paperback
Vivo, the highly anticipated animated movie-musical with original songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda, will soon be dancing onto Netflix! This funny and heartfelt novelization features an eight-page insert of images from the film and is sure to have readers singing and laughing along!Meet Vivo and experience his passion for music. Join him as he travels from Havana to Miami on a musical journey. TM & © 2021 Sony Pictures Animation Inc. All Rights Reserved. Product DetailsISBN-13: 9781534465817 Publi
an animated cat is standing in the street
Adventure, Donald
Vivo y Rafaela
an animated character riding on the back of a bike with a hat and goggles
"My Own Drum"
a drawing of a girl with purple hair wearing glasses and a colorful skirt, standing in front of a white background
Vivo Movie Review: A Heartfelt & Beautiful Film Film Posters, Movie Posters, Genius, Performance
Vivo Movie Review: A Heartfelt & Beautiful Film
Lin-Manuel Miranda is a musical genius. Of course, many of us already know this, but Vivo is just another example of why he truly is. While the story of Vivo hits you in all of the feels it really is the music that ties the whole movie together and makes it such a heartfelt and beautiful film. (And put's it into the running for my favorite animated movie of 2021.) Vivo hits #NetflixFamily on Friday, August 6, 2021. Here is my #Vivo Movie Review. (Spoiler-free of course.)
Miraculous Ladybug, Ladybug
a drawing of a monkey wearing a hat and holding his arms up in the air
an animated character is riding on a wooden stick