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make romantic massage candles with loveligreens
How to make Massage Oil Candles
Use all-natural ingredients to make massage candles for you and your partner or for romantic gifts. Massage candles are lit like ordinary candles, but you use the melted wax directly on the skin as a warm massage oil.
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how to make massage candles with text overlay
Stress Melting Essential Oil Massage Candle Recipe
the best wax for massage candles
How to Make Massage Candles for a Spa-Worthy Experience
three jars filled with homemade soy candles on top of a wooden table and text overlay reads how to make soy candles
How to Make Soy Candles - Happy Mothering
Learn how to make soy candles with pretty dried flowers in this easy step-by-step candle making tutorial. Directions for scenting with fragrance oils or essential oils. Huge Q&A section with tips with success the first time you make your own DIY soy wax candles. Make great gifts and burn beautifully!
six easy soy wax candle recipes
6 Easy Soy Wax Candle Recipes
an info sheet describing essential oils for candle blends and how to use them in your home
Candle Essential Oil Blends Chart Printable