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need to finish my current WIP`s tho :/ Knit Flowers.I can see great uses for this, the ends of a scarf of the base to a sweater hmmmm. the design wheels are turning. I've been looking for a pretty knitted flower! This pattern is perfect!

HOW TO... WOVEN STITCH @woolandthegang

How to knit woven stitch with wool and the gang. ROW 1 (RIGHT Slip your first Insert your right needle into the back of the second stitch on the left Wrap the yarn and pull the stitch through as for a regular knit stitch.

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bird of paradise scarf - Id like to try this. The stitch is beautiful. Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks by Morgen Dämmerung

Вязание: Технология и Узоры

Вязание: Технология и Узоры

Геометрический узор для вязания свитера. Схема вязания узора для свитера спицами. | Вязание: Технология и Узоры | Постила

Вязание: Технология и Узоры

Geometrical pattern for knitting of a sweater. The scheme of knitting of a pattern for a sweater spokes.