Иван Брагинский

Иван Брагинский

Иван Брагинский
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Stabdad and Treekat

Yes hello,, its YA BOY I draw sometimes and I'm into Homestuck and cartoons and other stuff!

Star Wars, Starwars

Ele cresce, amadure e transforma seu sonho em realidade

"My dream is to become the greatest Hokage, that way the whole village will stop disrespecting me and treat me like I'm somebody, somebody important." Uzumaki Naruto, I LOVE THIS, it's just like Simon from Gurren Laggan movie 2 credits

hello-reylo: “ lazy-afternooner: “ Master and Padawan ” This is my new favorite thing ”

leafpuppy: happy holidays…heres a not especially festive pic of them star wars friends