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Ажурный палантин спицами - Вязание - Страна Мам

ШАЛИ, НАКИДКИ, ПОНЧО спицами и крючком

Cute scarf!

Scarf Knit PDF Pattern Weave PDF - easy tutorial, lot of pictures - adult knitting pattern unique design - UNISEX

Shawl Design: Vortex shawls - jriede. just knitting

Vortex Shawls & Swirl Shawls

The complete tutorial on how to knit and design vortex shawls: How do they look like, and how can they be constructed?


ಌ✿༺✿Bufandas Tejidas ღ✿༻ Knitted Neck Warmer Rust Turquoise Brown Buttoned Scarf Cowl Neck Warmer Scarflette

Bountifall Basket Cowl by Anna Steinke | malabrigo Mecha

Bountifall Basket Cowl pattern by Anna Steinke


Really unusual scarf pattern - elegant and functional too. - convert to crochet. This is a knit pattern, but so pretty, and easy to adapt to crochet.