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If you've taken a DNA test for genealogy, you need to use this free tool. How do you use DNA results? Learn more in this post. #genealogy #familyhistory #geneticgenealogy #dna #frugal #TheOccasionalGenealogist


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a cobblestone road with the words how to study a surname in an area
Heritage Discovered Genealogy Services
Have you ever tried researching everyone with the same surname in the place your ancestor was from? This can be a great brick wall buster! Click to learn more about how studying your ancestor's last name in the area they lived can help you solve your genealogy research puzzles!
an old photo with the words, what you need to know how to organize your genealogy files
What You Need To Know To Organize Your Genealogy Files
Organize Your Genealogy Files - Are You My Cousin?
two women sitting next to each other with the words how to solve geneeloy brick walls by retrieving what you already have
Heritage Discovered Genealogy Services
a stack of books with the title easy steps to manage your genealogy research
Easy Steps To Manage Your Genealogy Research
Do you have a consistent, organized workflow for processing genealogy research documents? If not, check out this blog post from Gray Stabley Genealogy Services for some fantastic tips. #GrayStableyGenealogyServices #Genealogy #GenealogyResearch #FamilyHistory #Ancestry #Workflow #Organization
Genealogy Help, Genealogy Sites, Free Genealogy Sites, Ancestry Family Tree
How to Use Civil War Pension Records in Your Research — Heritage Discovered
a birth certificate with the words, what should i do with conflicting birthdays?
Case Study: Conflicting Birthdates in Genealogy Records
a woman reading a newspaper with the words unlocking anestial secrets in the newspapers
Unlocking Ancestral Secrets in the Newspapers!
a pile of newspapers with the words how to discovery your family history with obitaries
How To Discover Your Family History With Obituaries
Obituaries are fabulous genealogy resources to find family history information. Read more about where to find obituaries and why they're so important in genealogy research.
five tips for finding families in the 1800's
5 Tips for Finding Families in the 1790 US Census
several papers are stacked on top of each other with the words records of funerals
Finding Funeral Home Records for Your Ancestors | Legacy Tree
books stacked on top of each other with the title 10 ways to use land records for family history research
10 Clues In Historical Land Records For Your Genealogy Research — Heritage Discovered
10 Clues In Historical Land Records For Your Genealogy Research — Heritage Discovered
Closeup of vintage world map with pastel colors Genealogy Ideas
6 Ways To Use Historical Maps To Tell Your Ancestors' Stories
Discover how to use historical maps to breathe life into your genealogy research in this article! From understanding migration patterns to uncovering hidden records, these 6 ways to use historical maps will surely spark inspiration as you embark on this journey to unearth your family history and understand your ancestors' stories.
an old document with writing on it
Request Military Records at the National Archives
Request Military Records at the National Archives – Sassy Jane Genealog
a sign that says how to find where your ancestors are buried
How to Find Where Your Ancestors Are Buried | Are You My Cousin?
an old document with the title getting access to public records reclaim the records
Reclaim the Records: Getting Access to Public Records