one more thing....why is eva so stunning??????????

Eva from Skam. I didn't expect to love her as much as I do now.

Eva Kviig Mohn

a 17 year old girl who is likes to keep things to herself. Eva is friends with William and Chris, and her eyes are on Chris. She has a big crush on him. Eva loves to listen to music, and write.

lunastars: ' who needs parties when you can stay home and cry' i post on my story

Seadon1 Ep2:  Eva

{open w/ Eva} I told Chris I was going to go grocery shopping. I was going to talk to Andy. I walk into the alley, and see Andy there with his group. I take a deep breath, and walk over to him.

eva and skam image

{open w/ Eva} I haven't told Chris that I aborted the baby. I didn't tell Andy cause I knew he would want it. My stomach was back to normal, and I was happy. I was walking into town when I bumped into the gang.

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