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Maxine Caulfield and Warren Graham - Lɪғᴇ Is Sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇ

Life is Strange Game, Fan Art, Cosplay. Maxine Caulfield and Warren Graham - Lɪғᴇ Is Sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇ

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for real tho this is kinda messed up "oh you guys know that human we all made friends with" "yeah" "they're having a fight to the death with Metta on television wanna watch" "okay sure"

undyne and alphyste

Aww, good on everybody's favorite extreme cook and royal guard fish, Undyne for making everybody's favorite dinosaur scientist, Alphys feel better!

undertale | Tumblr

Hereee’s my piece for the I thought it might be fun to design the phone that Toriel gives you, with all the cool features added by Alphys! ( the keys are put on your “keychain” but they also make nice phone-charms haha )

Undertale - Artist Lazuen | Human!Ver. Sans and Papyrus "SPAGHETTI!"

Omg this human version of papy is so precious- and sans is so cool so cool so cool(etc) <you'll only get the last part if you've seen the comic>

Main blog: Art blog: No nsfw no sanster(I...

galactic-geckos“SKELESON GOT REALLY TALL theres a ton of dadster+sans art but i need more dadster+papyrus in my life ”