a Fence made of pallets

Recycled pallet fence is pretty clever. Economic as well. You can always find free pallets online!

Угловая полка для обуви в прихожую

This step by step diy woodworking project is about corner shelf plans. If you want to learn more about building a corner shelf, we recommend you to pay

Wall shelf made of pipes

Wall Mounted Pipe Shelf - Part Bundles - Kits - Simplified Building, Kee Klamp, Railings, Connectors and Structural Solutions,

flat house photo

In Japan, where real estate is prohibitively expensive, you can easily find a lot thin buildings. Sandwiched between two large buildings, they are hugging every available space.

Cosy little house

Many people over the past year have asked if they could see the Bayside Bungalow and check out the tiny little house that I now rent out as a vacation rental. And so, the time has come for a (tiny) Open House!

Shelves of boxes with their hands

I recently came into possession of three old plywood boxes used by a professor to cart his books around. This is just a really simple way to maximize that potential.

House on the Bay

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