Tiles I Free pattern on Craft Cookie at http://www.craftcookie.com/knitting-stitches/knit-purl-stitches/117-tiles-i

Every Saturday I will share with you a new stitch. Today's stitch is: Tile Stitch Easy knitting stitch with rows of reverse garter.

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Amo Craft: Crochet Patterns

Tutorial for a crochet sole. Wow, so much easier to get my head around than written patterns.


Crochet : Punto Entrecruzado (Tejido de Cesta) Translated : crosslinked point (basket weave) This is the most gorgeous stitch I have ever seen!

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free cable knitting pattern, chart only. Just look at pin image, link doesn't lead to pattern as far as I can tell but to the front page of the russian website this is from.

Расчет вязания. Калькулятор для ленивых

Расчет вязания. Калькулятор для ленивых

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