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Palette that combines in itself shades of precious metals is an original solution for living room in the style of long gone eras.


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Classic palette that combines dark and lighter shades. This color scheme is suitable for a business line of clothing, also it can find its reflection in an.

Цветовая палитра №1996

Blue and brown, blue and gray, blue and yellow, brown and blue, brown and gray…


The monochrome color palette, in which gray and beige colors are in the same row with black and white is perceived as neutral. A little dingy, light shade


Maybe for the house - dark charcoal with green door? Color Palette Quiet palette in which different shades of green--a deep dark green, grass and apple--blend harmoniously with the soothing color of wet asphalt and a neutral gray.


Ash-pink, transient shades of gray in combination with dark brown create a very harmonious symbiosis. In the decor of a bedroom you can use shades of gray as a leading color, select lighter shades for


Delicate pastel range of colors. Cold dark blue-blue shades refresh and brisk like a sudden sea water spray. Blue and dark blue colors are associated with


Calm, balanced palette in which nothing annoys and distracts from the main. Soft pastel colors create an atmosphere of calm and peacefulness. Dark shades c


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Color Palette No. This palette matches up also with many of my stage wardrobe choices lately.