Ксюша Белковна

Ксюша Белковна

Ксюша Белковна
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ART FROM DARKNESS by AndreySkull.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I've started 3 drawing today 2 of them are finished now im thinking to start the i must smoke a cigarette and think a lil bit Custom work 


His face was perfect, features sculpted of marble and painted in black and gold. But inside he was a ruination, screaming and cracking and broken. And no one knew. They only saw his face.

Espíritu zorro - Kirikizu

This is my second tattoo I have on my back. It& sort of my spirit fox that is watching my back. I actually fell in love with spirit foxes when I saw one on xxx-holic manga. I just love the idea an.