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Private mansion Architect Kravitz Design Inc Photographer Vincent Leroux / AD France

· The crispness of black-and-white rooms. [Design Happens]· Mediterranean-inspired stucco in the middle of the WIndy City? [Curbed Chicago]· Art in the living room. [Apartment Therapy]· Really.

I want this in my Bermuda mansion someday

I love, love the water. I love, love design. I often dream about a swimming pool design just for me that fulfills my love of the water and also integrates well with the landscape and the house.

Luxurious mansions

An amazingly beautiful Riad. Riad comes from the Arabic word Ryad (garden) used for a house, palace or hotel with an interior garden.

the beautiful decay of an old mansion.

This beautiful decaying building is a former railway station in Abkhazia, a former Russian territory. The Republic of Georgia claims Abkhazia as part of their Republic. Abkhazia is in dispute of that claim.


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