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"Butterfly" Lace knitting pattern with chart ~~ Узор "Бабочка" спицами ~~ http://woman7.ru/rukol/uzori-spicami/1286-uzor-babochka-spicami.html

"Butterfly" Lace knitting pattern with chart ~~ Узор "Бабочка" спицами…

Пуловер кружевным узором с центральной косой | Золотые Руки | вязание | Постила


There is a diagram for some of this but sadly the instructions are not in English. Maybe in a flight of genius I might be able to figure it out.

Cвитерок с востока ... подбираем узор


Saw this awesome sweater with no link to purchase or to a pattern! Searched the web and found a thread of someone who is recreating the pattern! First part of the pattern is on pg 35. Can't wait to make one in every color!

cable detail in this cardigan. gather up edges of t shirt or sweater to look like the cable stitches?