мебель из паллет

pallet garden Pallet sofa and planter in the garden in pallet garden diy pallet ideas with Sofa Planter Garden

small house

Flake House: Portable log house from Olgga Architects - Green Diary - Green Revolution Guide by Dr Prem

large pergola in the country

outdoor patio pergola design and lighting ideas Multifunction Pergola Style For Outside Room interior design ideas

a place with the rest with hammock

Forget building this for kids, build it for me!My old neighbors had a tree fort kinda like this.

transparent house

S House Saitama / Japan / 2013 Yuusuke Karasawa Architects photos: koichi torimura

invisible Shelf of books

This easy diy project can solve all of your problems, plus, it’s unique and kind of artsy. Great for a college dorm room.

disguised house in Poland

Completed in 2007 in Książenice, Poland. A green clearing surrounded by forest was the only context for the proposed small house. Hence the idea to "carve out" a piece of the grass-covered.