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It's wonderful how life is making a complete 360° for me. They say find your passion and you won't work a day in your life. This isn't all true. You're going to have to work harder but, you'll enjoy doing so. There will always be someone attacking what you do. Push on with your Greatness. • I was meant to be a Coach. • I love Peace and Quiet. As much as I love Music. • However, always take time out for you. Remaining positive all the time won't happen. Just get your mind to stay thinking of alternatives or best possible outcome. • What doesn't work for you, wasn't meant for you. On to the next idea is what you do. If your goal in life is ultimately Happiness. Then keep going because loving yourself will always keep you happy. This is just me coming back with all my strength. I
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B.E.A.N. Pod
Holding Handstand
1 minute goal...
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A workout is only effective once you have updated your Facebook status to ensure everyone knows that you have worked out.
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Vegan Plant Based Meal Replacement made with Real Food!
i just want to drink coffee get sponsored by nike get paid to workout and eat peanut butter
Boston Strong + Running Wishes + Weekly Workouts + Playlist
i'm not a gym rat im a gym unicorn
I’m a burn out.
two things i like 1 weightlifting 2 not running - motivational quote on black background