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an abstract painting with blue, gold and white colors
Resin brings out the brightest colours that look like glass 💕✨it’s hard to not get a reflection when photographing this type of art.
a woman standing next to a large piece of art that looks like gold and white marble
Art by Agnes Rup on Instagram: “This one is being shipped off today. The energy of an artist is poured into their art giving it life. Only original art contains this…”
a metal object that has some kind of material in it's center and is surrounded by rocks
Находчивая женщина делает необычный аксессуар из цемента и стекла
Находчивая женщина делает необычный аксессуар из цемента и стекла
two tables with different designs on them
Tutorial Acrylic and Resin Geode Style Pour - "A River Flows Through it"
a table that has some kind of blue and gold design on it, with metal legs
How to make a Geode Table
How to make a Geode Table | reviveheartandhome
an abstract painting with gold and blue colors
Success! by plangkye on DeviantArt
Created with Ultra Fractal 5.04. 23 layers. More of my Fractal Flowers can be seen in my gallery here: velvet--glove.deviantart.com/g… COPYRIGHT NOTICE My gallery and images contained in it ...
a large piece of art hanging on the wall next to a small table and chair
I really reached another level for myself... Resin is so flexible and u can create a lot of things. My way is creating a beautiful interior…
an abstract painting hangs on the wall next to a chair and side table with a lamp
GEODES EVERYWHERE in my house I just love them so much and every time I see this combination in my house I get a smile over my whole…
an artistic photo of a train track with blue beads on it's tracks and in the background there is a window
Oh I looooooooove it !!!!!! This piece is the first of 2 commissions for a luxury hotel in Tirol / Italy 🇮🇹!!!! I am so excited to pour the…
several pictures of different shapes and sizes of agate glass with gold leaf accents on them
Poured resin geode art.
a person is working on some kind of art project with silver and white marbles
DIY Giant Concrete Geode
DIY Giant Concrete Geode - Made By Barb - Simple step by step instructions to cast, paint and add crystals to create huge geodes and gem artifacts
many different colored papers are stacked on top of each other with scissors in their hands
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