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Move the wooden balls through the Labyrinth Wooden Balance Board!

This Labyrinth Wooden Balance Board is fun and challenging for older children who have graduated from our popular Waldorf Rocker Board. While kids attempt to maneuver up to three

Turned Wood Silhouette. I don't think this would look like a silhouette if the pictures was taken without the boy, but because it was, and, the way it was shot you can see his silhouette on both sides of the photo. I like this.

They just took too much time to create each one. If I ever convert the big lathe to CNC, I may try to launch the project again.

The Ultimate Survival Multi-tool, the Crovel. It’s an all-in-one tool that elminates the need to carry around several different tools that would be heavy and expensive.  The Crovel weighs in at a amazing 5.5 lbs and costs $98.75. It combines an axe, crowbar, shovel, hoe, hammer, machete! and several other tools including a fold-out chair? …

Survival Zombie Apocalypse: ~ The crovel. All these tools in one, as seen on TV on the prepper shows. This company has sold tons of these, and feedback has been great. Worth checking out.