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How you Address where else you are Interviewing will play a Major role in whether or not you are hired. This is one of the More Important secrets to Interviewing Effectively. Always make the firm you are interviewing with feel like that firm is your first choice,

Good interview skills: How to stand out from other applicants. It is a very competitive job market at the moment and good interview skills are essential.

A law firm is only concerned with three questions when they evaluate applicants. Learn what these three questions are in this article.

How to Negotiate Your Salary & Job Benefits and Get More – 9 Crucial Tips - Negotiation is something everyone should be doing when getting a job offer.

The most impressive law student interviewers are those who can clearly articulate why they are interested in our firm, with specific reasons that are based on research,

Parenting Advice: Prepping Your Kid for College. 7 ways to prep for college.

This Article Tells About The Benefits Of The Thank You Notes After An Interview As It Will Increase The Chances In Securing The Positions And We Tell Thank You To The Recruiting Coordinator. Handwritten Thank You Notes Makes A Great Impression Than The E-Mailed Thank You Notes,

The Interview Post-Mortem: Don't Forget Your Thank You Notes!

The article about Attorneys Interview Questions whether they are Me-Focused or You-Focused and some Successful Interview Answers that can get you Desired Job,

You Should Always Be Ready to Interview… Looking for a new position? Looking to make a lateral move? In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal titled, The Six-Mon.

This article analyzes the Benefits and the Costs of Writing Thank You Letters.

Janice Kaplan’s new book The Gratitude Diaries examines the effects of gratitude in the workplace. She cites a London School of Economics paper that analyz