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She tried to take matters into her own hands
three baby beavers sitting on top of each other next to a river with the caption did you know? even though beavers swim
an animal that is yawning with its mouth open
16 All New WTF Fun Facts About Animals
an animal that is standing in the water next to some plants and grass with words above it
It took a photographer 4 years night after night in snorkeling gear and weights to capture this image of a beaver #NaturePhotography - iFunny
an image of mud and grass on the ground next to water with plants growing out of it
Animal Tracks - Beaver Tracks (Castor canadensis)
A beaver taking a morning bath in Yuma
Beaver morning bath, Yuma, Arizona
I'm taking all the carrots.
an animal that is standing in the snow
The Bodacious Beaver
a brown teddy bear with a knitted mitt
Beaver Finger Puppet