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there is a snowman with a hat and scarf on it's head sitting in the snow
christmas cookies and decorations on a table with the words merry written in russian above them
there is a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows in it and two oranges on the side
a black cat with yellow eyes and snow on its head
a christmas ornament hanging from a tree with the words in russian on it
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there is a basket with apples and birds in it
a rabbit is sitting on top of a mailbox with snowflakes around it
Анимированная открытка для тебя
a squirrel is standing on its hind legs in the snow and has his face covered with snow
Фото 891698399630 из альбома Доброе утро! . Смотрите в группе "Моя любимая группа" У нас найдётся всё! Открытки. в ОК
a red heart sitting on top of a bouquet of flowers
Анимированная открытка Мандарины пошли в ход! Значит скоро Новый год!