Создаем бусину в технике объемной сутажной вышивки / Soutage Bead Tutorial

Create a bead in the technique of embroidery sutazhnoy / Soutage Bead Tutorial

17.07.2012 Soutache Earrings "Sunrise".   Работа дня: Серьги "Восход"   Необычные сутажные серьги с жемчугом Сваровски выполнены в изысканном сочетании цветов - сером и бледно-розовом. $20

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Although this is soutache jewelry (wrapped braids), it could be simulated in quilling.

Embroidery Reinvented – Soutache Jewelry

Soutache Embroidery made the way for a genre of hand made jewelry that is incredibly creative as well as fun and fashionable. This craft originated with Dori Csengeri whose hand embroidered jewelry was founded in

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love the colours and combination of tiny beads on this soutache piece!