Соус дзадзики

Tzatziki (Yoghurt and Cucumber Dip) (Τζατζίκι) : Cool and creamy this tangy cucumber dip flavored with garlic is the perfect compliment to grilled meat and vegetables. It is a common Greek meze dish, but is also used as a sauce as well.

24 вкусных соуса, которые вы захотите добавить в каждое блюдо

Never buy store-bought again! Easy homemade Asian Sweet Chili Sauce -- I may try the shrimp recipe using tofu instead of shrimp to make this vegan :)

Соус для пиццы

You can't go wrong with these simple picks. Make them a part of your routine, and you'll always have something healthy and satisfying to eat.

Соус бешамель Соус бешамель используется в греческой кухне обычно для каких-нибудь запеканок — мусаки, пастицио, огратен…

Bechamel or White Sauce: Stop using canned soups for your dishes and casseroles. This is less expensive (butter, flour and whole milk) and you can control salt/seasonings. Works as a base for many recipes.

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