Kenzo Fall/Winter 2009

Kenzo Fall/Winter off-white knit dress with cables and bobbles, adorned with red crochet flowers and trees

Узор "Фантазии из кос"


вязание-узоры billions of charts for lace and cables. IN Russian so thankful…

Прошу помощи в поиске схемы - Вязание спицами - Страна Мам

Узоры, жаккарды спицами.

This is a beautiful cabled design, and if you can read a chart you'll get it the first try. (Try Design)

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier ng ng Jackson you have to check out all this pinners boards, she has some Amazing crochet and dress design stuff.

Vika Gorenco 2009

Vika Gorenco 2009 -- I'm confused. Neither interesting nor flattering. A hip bump?

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