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192K views · 8.7K reactions | viral hacks everyone is talking about | Viral hacks everyone is talking about Discover the most-watched, viral hacks that we love to use and share with our friends. This original video was... | By Liz & JeffFacebook
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54M views · 431K likes | Things I learned from the Internet 🛜 | Things I learned from the Internet 🛜 | By The Gooch | We've been buttering corn wrong. Take your iced tea glass, press it firmly down through the stick of butter, lay it on its side, and just roll away. We've been frying bacon wrong. Before opening the package, roll your bacon up tightly, peel back the plastic, you can remove without stretching out your bacon. Now just toss it in the pan. We've been pouring ketchup wrong. Instead of squeezing on the front, squeeze on both sides and then release. This is the secret to storing your freshly grated black cheese. You are going to thank me for this frozen food hack. Cut your French fry bag from end to end just like this. When you're ready to toss it back into the freezer, take the ends, tie them together, and then voila. Perfect for the freezer. We've been flipping eggs wrong. Using your kitchen shears, make three cuts into your spatula to remove the center and flip your eggs with ease. Perfectly flipped eggs. We've been peeling oranges raw. Cut both ends off of your orange. Place on its side and make a slit down the middle and peel away. Perfectly peeled orange. You are going to thank me for this dishwasher hack. Problem with your dishwasher leaving your dishes damp after the cycle? Place a roll of toilet paper on the bottom shelf to absorb the extra moisture. I hope you are enjoying these household tips and tricks and kitchen hacks so far. Be sure to let me know at the end which one of these is your favorite. You are going to thank me for this ground beef hack. Take two and a half pounds of hamburger, toss it into a one-gallon Ziploc bag, roll it out to fill up all four corners, then zip it up, score it with a pizza cutter, then just toss it into the freezer until you're ready to use it. Once you take it out of the freezer, break it into quarters, and then just toss it in a pan. Voila. You are going to love this two egg envelope breakfast. Crack open two eggs and drop them into a slotty spoon. Now, carefully dribble the egg whites over the heated pan. When the eggs are nearly hard, drop the double yolks into the middle of the pan and gently fold the sides of the envelope's eggs the yolks. Enjoy your two egg envelope breakfast. We've been slicing butter wrong. Cut your parchment paper and direct tangled squares. Place it directly over the butter and then press firmly down with your knife. Perfect pats of butter. We've been juicing limes wrong. Take the palm of your hand, press it firmly against the lime, give it a nice, hard roll. Next, take your bottle pour and simply insert it into the lime and just give it a squeeze. This is the perfect to measure an egg while baking. Press the egg firmly down into the mix, crack the egg, and drop the egg down into the hole. Perfect measurement. The only way I dice an onion is make quarter-inch slits all the way down the side of the onion, turn it on its side, and just slice right through. Perfectly diced onion. Voila. You are going to thank me for this potato peeling hack. Using your kitchen scissors, just score the entire potato all the way around. Drop into a bath of boiling water, remove, drop into an bucket. Once cooled, just take it out and give itself a pull. Perfectly peeled potatoes. We've been steaming broccoli wrong. Place your head of broccoli into a pot of boiling water, remove it after it's cool and it slices like butter. Who we've been slicing pineapples wrong. Cut your pineapple in half then slice along the grain in both directions. Now, you got a perfectly sliced pineapple. This is how to get an extra slice of pizza out of your pizza. Just slice one down the center. Finish off with cutting your other triangle slices and then what you're going to do is you're going to remove the center strip just like this and then push those two pieces together. No one will know. You are going to thank me for this baked potato trick. Use your apple slicer to slice your potatoes. Toss them into a Ziploc bag. Add in your olive oil and your favorite seasonings. Give the bag a shake. Remove them from the bag dumping them into an oven safe dish, pop them into the oven at 400 degrees until golden brown. We've been making hard boiled eggs wrong. Place your chicken eggs in a muffin tin. Place in the oven for 30 minutes at 325 degrees. Once they're cooked and cooled, remove the shell for a perfect hard-boiled egg. You are going to love my upside down pepperoni pizza. Take your pepperonis and place along the bottom of your frying pan. Cover entirely with shredded cheese, spoon on your favorite pepperoni pizza sauce and cover with a single tortilla. Cook for two minutes on medium heat or until done, flip it Reverse it. Enjoy. I hope you have enjoyed these household tips and tricks and kitchen hacks. I can't wait to hear which ones of these are your favorites. Stay tuned for more. You're welcome.
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22K reactions · 2.5K shares | DIY with two shirt 👕 love this hack 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ like 👍, save and share 📸: Pinterest #fashionhacks #diy #croptops #petitefashion #petiteclothing #thriftstorefinds | Online thrift store 👗👗 | undies_island1 · Original audio
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10M views · 19K reactions | Viral internet Hacks that actually work! 🤯 | Viral internet Hacks that actually work! 🤯 Trending beauty tips, fashion tricks, life style hacks and so much more. Let us know which one you can't wait... | By Jeff & LaurenFacebook
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96K views · 7.4K reactions | 🫧💙 CLEANING HACKS: Part 2 🧺🤯 Comment: “Links” and I’ll DM you the goodies, including my favorite makeup brush cleaning mat 🤗 Do you use makeup brushes? Have a pet? A ceiling fan? Computer? Lamps? A mattress you’ve never cleaned? All are a bore to tackle, until now! Here are GAME CHANGING CLEANING TRICKS THAT WORK 🎉 Do you use gloves when doing the dishes? Comment and lmk! I can’t live without mine, but no one else in the house seems to use them…maybe they aren’t helping out enough with the dishes 🍽️😂 XO, Lora 🩷 CHECKOUT my website: for more! ➡️ @lorafied wherever you are! ⏱ TikTok 📺 YouTube 📌 Pinterest 👍 Facebook #LORAfied #homemaker #kitchenhacks #cleaninghacks #makeuphacks #makeuphacksandtricks #makeupproduct #makeupproduct #bakingsoda #armandhammer #petparent #lint #cleanandtidy #pethairremoval #stuffanimal #stuffedtoys #squishmallows #plushiecommunity #lampshade #coffeefilter #streakfree #ceilingfan #bedbugs #mattresscleaning #vacuuming #cleaningtipsandtricks #lowtoxlife #momhacks #ballingonabudget #hereforyou | LORAfied | HACKS: Home • Kitchen • Life | Meghan Trainor · TREAT MYSELF
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258K views · 20K reactions | ✈️ 🧳 TRAVEL HACKS: HOTEL EDITION ❤️🛅 Comment: “Links” and I’ll DM you all these hotel travel goodies 🥰 Have you ever looked at the laundry slip at a hotel? The prices are outrageous! But what can you do if you’re stuck and need a few pieces washed before you get home? Here’s the answer! Along with hacks for dealing with bed bugs, peep holes and making sure your hotel door is really secure 🤗 Have you ever had to use the hotel laundry service, if so, what did you send out? Comment and LMK! 🧺 XO, Lora 🩷 CHECKOUT my website: for more! ➡️ @lorafied wherever you are! ⏱ TikTok 📺 YouTube 📌 Pinterest 👍 Facebook #LORAfied #homemaker #hotelstay #hotelrooms #bedbugs #packinghacks #dirtylaundry #carryonluggage #passportholder #travelaccessories #travelessentials #packinghacks #travelingfamily #travelhacks #packingtips #traveltipsandtricks #travelexpert #travelingwithkids #whattopack #whatsinmybag #packinglist #travelingstuff #travelingwomen #travelingmom #familytraveltips #travelhacker #travelhack #travelhacking #travelingtips #ballingonabudget | LORAfied | HACKS: Home • Kitchen • Life | Jason Derulo · Spicy Margarita
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429K views · 41K reactions | ✈️ TRAVEL HACKS: AFFORDABLE PACKING TRICKS 🧳 DOLLAR TREE FINDS💰🌳 Comment: “Links” and I’ll DM you my favorite packing items 🤗 Do you love or hate packing? Are you the kind who starts packing well in advance of a trip or more of a toss it all in the night before like Kid 3 and my husband Scooter? No matter what your style, these EASY TRAVEL TIPS will have you ARRIVING ORGANIZED without blowing your budget 😍 Do you usually check a bag or make it all work in a carry-on? Comment and LMK! For weekend trips, I can do a carry-on, but for longer trips I check a larger bag and hope for the best 😉 XO, Lora 🩷 CHECKOUT my website: for more! ➡️ @lorafied wherever you are! ⏱ TikTok 📺 YouTube 📌 Pinterest 👍 Facebook #LORAfied #homemaker #dollartree #travelhack #budgettravel #travelluggage #travelbags #organizationideas #travelhacks #suitcasetravels #packinghacks #carryonluggage #travelaccessories #travelessentials #travelingfamily #packingtips #traveltipsandtricks #travelexpert #travelingwithkids #whattopack #whatsinmybag #packinglist #travelingstuff #travelingwomen #travelingmom #familytraveltips #travelhacker #travelhacking #ballingonabudget #savvyshopper | LORAfied | HACKS: Home • Kitchen • Life | The Go-Go's · Vacation
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494K views · 58K reactions | 🥳🩷 FREE STUFF FOR YOU 🎉🎁 What’s better than FREE?! 🥰 Comment: “Links” and I’ll DM you the details on how you can grab all of these goodies, too 🤗 Who really makes your birthday happen? Your spouse? Kids? Friends? Maybe you take the wheel like I do 🤭 This year I did something super fun and created my own personal party! I ran around town without spending a dime and grabbed all my FREE BIRTHDAY GOODIES 🪩 It was so much fun and everyone was so nice! Although I did all of these on my actual birthday, the vast majority give a pretty big grace period on when you can claim your free items 🎂 Which one of these freebies would you pickup first? Comment and LMK! I’m going with Nothing Bundt Cakes then immediately heading to Sephora 😍 XO, Lora 🩷 CHECKOUT my website: for more! ➡️ @lorafied wherever you are! ⏱ TikTok 📺 YouTube 📌 Pinterest 👍 Facebook #LORAfied #homemaker #freestuff #sephorafavorites #beautyinsider #crumblcookies #crumble #chickennuggets #mcdonalds🍟 #mcds #bathandbodyworksaddict #bathandbodyworkscandles #dollartree #nothingbundtcakes #itsyourbirthday #starbucksforlife #starbuckslover #sprinklescupcakes #moneysaver #freeisbetter #couponscommunity #ilovefree #ilovefreestuff #freeisforme #couponmom #31flavors #baskinrobbins#baskinrobbins #savvyshopper #hereforyou #lifehacker | LORAfied | HACKS: Home • Kitchen • Life | Quincy Jones · Soul Bossa Nova
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2M views · 132K reactions | ✨mini✨ travel sized cleaning items to take with you on your next trip UNDER $30🤍! EVERYTHING is on my AMZ Storefront under the “Travel Cleaning Finds” category! @backporchpoet77 and @ara020112 are the winners 🤍. ✨ ✨ #amazonfinds #amazonhome #amazoncleaning #amazonmusthaves #amazonfavorites #amazonfavorite #amazonmusthave #amazontravel #amazontravelessentials #whatsinmybag #packwithme #cleaningproducts #cleaningasmr #cleaningroutine #travelessentials #travelessential #travelmusthaves #travelmusthave #carryonluggage | Julianna Christensen | julianna_claire · Original audio
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1.8K views · 9K reactions | Yummy! 🍰😍🍓 #cake #baking #hungry #askreddit #redditstories #reddit | Baking Satisfy 🧁🍓 | bakingsatisfy · Original audio
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2K views · 12K reactions | | Angela Bowman | harleyquinn0001 · Original audio
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985K views · 303K reactions | Everything is on myBl0👆🏼 🫶 Hey 🥰 Best of organization + gadgets 👏 bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, work from home and work bag 💅🏼🫶 BTW👇🏼 I’ve been in the process of some big changes and will be back to my consistent posting next week, I have so much to share with you all! 😍 XOXO | Julie Kyles | imjuliekay · Original audio