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If you love Sherlock Holmes, you've gotta watch BBC Sherlock--- such an amazing series!

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Ink in Water by Johnathon Barton - effect created looks really clever and could be used as a conceptual way to show two contrasting parts (disability and able bodiedness)

*MAJOR SPOILERS* Ready for this? Pretty sure we were all thinking "His Last Vow" was talking about Sherlock, but I pretty sure it was actually referencing Moriarty.

Yes yes yes yesssss yes yesyes yessss ! The funny thing is, his faked death is a million times easier to explain than sherlock's

This tumblr is entirely dedicated to the Harry Potter series and cast! Enjoy! ;)

I love this so much. Rowling has brought the wizarding world back and we get to see how it ties in with HP and it's just amazing