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the cover of an islamic book titled tidak shalat tapi orangya bak
an info sheet with the names of different people in arabic and english, including two men wearing
an advertisement with the words orange falling bodjoh in black and white on it
an advertisement with a clock on it for banana menyi - kaan waktu
Bahaya Menyia-Nyiakan Waktu
caption di instagram
an advertisement for the indonesian language book,'penggan beretman dengan lima or
a person sitting on the ground with text that reads susah tinggalkan ma
Baca Doa ini الله معى الله ناظري الله شاهدي agar tidak lagi bermaksiat ~ JUMAL AHMAD
the cover of an article with a man in white hair and beard wearing ear rings
a poster with the words bersaunguhah memah agamamu
a yellow background with green leaves and the words,'i like ingin tahu seberapa cinta sesorang padamu
Bimbingan Islam
the flyer for an event with flowers in front of a dark background and a red sky
an info board with different types of information
Odos by fahma
an advertisement for the movie doa memmita kemudahan, written in arabic