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Снимаю контент для салонов красоты. Москва. Обращайтесь)
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визуал для мастера маникюра и подолога
a woman wearing gloves and holding a wine bottle in her right hand while posing for pictures
Контент съемка
Студийная съемка мастера маникюра
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small white flowers are sitting on top of a metal tray that sits on a table
Pin van Фотограф op Фон для сторис | Instagram ideeën, Leuke achtergronden, Achtergronden
white peonies with the words above them
Утренние сторис
white tulips in a vase with the words cybora on it's side
Telegram: Contact @sticker_story1
a woman holding a bouquet of pink roses in her hands with the words, blytht
Утренняя сторис для Инстаграм выходные
a person holding a plate with donuts on it in front of some trays
Design instagram stories • новая неделя
pink roses in a vase next to a book and candle on a white table top
доброе утро
a pink plate with some food on top of it and flowers in front of it
a lamp sitting on top of a white table next to a book and a vase
a close up of food on a plate with words in russian and english above it