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Ziam or viam? The world may never know...

Carrots be like I don't know why everyone is hating on Liam's new girlfriend she is soooo pretty those cheek bones tho I ship liaca<<<< then directioners are like ohhh gosh

Hahaha i'm laughing so hard!!! :') I loved how in the video all the guys were checking out Veronica's butt... Best thing Ever!!

oh dear>> well I really want to know who didn't fall for that hot chick -*cough cough* girl!Zayn is so bootyful- now tell me.

Thas Liam's boy ❤️

Read Funny from the story Everything Ziam by (Raven) with 559 reads. No shade or anything, I like Gigi but.


MY ZIAM HEART>>>>> But seriously how do you drop your microphone under the stage?