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a tree house step by step

25 Amazing And Affordable Treehouses You’ll Want To Rent For Your Next Vacay wiki how! 30 steps to planning/building a tree house!

self-cleaning pond

An alternative to chlorine pools, the BioTop Natural Pools use plants to keep water clean and clear. Wikipedia has some more info on natural swimming pools as well. These could make a great addition to a permaculture design site.

wooden podium

Garden designers - Nigel L Philips, offer highly professional landscape garden design services in Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and London.

a small house photo

Bernadette downsized to a whimsical 172 sq ft tiny home in Maryland


how to make a tire swing, diy, how to, outdoor living, You can adjust the height of the tire swing as needed as your children grow

flat house in Japan

A family of 3 lives in this tiny 594 square foot Japanese house that was designed by Mizuishi Architects Atelier.