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Caroline & GLaDOS. woah. I wish I could paint like this.

Is Glados has Carolines mind and Chell has Shell (carolines and mr Jonhsons kid)s and Caroline's shells mum does that mean that Gllados is Shells mum?, sorry if it wrong please correct me!

System Shock SHODAN wallpaper. One of my favorites out of 1000's of wallpapers on my hard drive.

System Shock 2 modder reveals screens from gorgeous cutsceneremake - System Shock 2 was released in 1999 and I'm still hesitant to talk about it too much for fear of spoiling the experience for those of you who haven't yet played it.

Shodan (System Shock): “We shouldn’t let Shodan play God. It’s clear that she’s too good at it” Quite simply, she's arguably the most chilling, f**ked up, genuinely scary villain in gaming history. Her reveal in SS2 is truly memorable, up there with when you realise Keyser Soze was leading you along the whole time and you are just a puppet, doing her bidding.

SHODAN (Sentient Hyper-Optimized Access Data Network), the rogue artificial intelligence who was the primary villain from the System Shock games. First appeared in the original "System Shock," released for DOS computers by Looking Glass / Origin in

Alice: Madness Returns.

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