шев и кройки

шев и кройки

Pretty sleevless top pattern - could also be made from an upcycled business shirt

Спортивное бра

These days, there are many individuals that are not extremely knowledgeable in relation to using a sewing machine.

Одежда в стиле БОХО

Pattern Puzzle - Issey Miyake Single Twist

Does anyone remember this little pattern puzzle from last year? It's been a long time waiting in the wings for posting. An innovation on an existing theme, this single twist is ingenious in that a

DICA DE COSTURA DE FIFIA: blusa assimétrica com molde

Перекошенный крой (трафик) Draped t-shirt. I'm trying this with some salvaged tee-shirt material I have. Could be great, could be a mess. To be continued