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a frying pan filled with rice and sausages on top of a stovetop
1.6K reactions · 1.1K shares | Sausage and Rice Skillet #skillet #recipe #sausageandrice #sausage | Big Hoss's BBQ | Forrest Frank & Connor Price · UP!
a person preparing food in a pan on top of a wooden table
534K views · 7.7K reactions | A restaurant owner taught me! The secret is in the filling! | A restaurant owner taught me! The secret is in the filling! | By Super Recipes | A restaurant owner taught me this recipe and I love it. We're going to start by taking 12 sausages and I've just lined them up on a board like this and using a very sharp knife, cut the sausages just like this. We don't want to cut them all the way through. We just want to cut them open like this. I'm going to do this with all of the sausages. Now, once they're all cut open, we're just going to place them into a baking dish like this. Place them right next to each other. And you'll notice that once the sausages cook they're going to shrink down a little bit. Place them one next to each other and this recipe is going to be so so good. Add every piece of sausage just like this. Now it's time to add some cheese. I'm going to add sliced mozzarella in there. Just roll the slices up into little rolls like this and place them in each sausage. These look so good already. Now this recipe really is super simple and easy. You can even substitute the type of cheese with any cheese you like or any cheese you've got at home. Alright we're going to set this aside and prepare our seasoning. I'm going to start with half of a chopped green bell pepper. Just add that right into a bowl. We're also going to need one chopped tomato. One chopped onion, We are going to need the juice of one lemon. Let's add some parsley and spring onions. Now these spices are totally optional. Add whatever you like best. I'm now going to add some olive oil. Let's give that all a good mix together. I assure you that the taste of this recipe is sensational. It's so fresh and delicious. Now all we've gotta do is add our mixture right on top to our sausages just like this. I love the taste of this recipe because it's so so yummy and that filling is incredible. This is a perfect recipe for Sunday lunch. You've gotta make it at home. I know everyone in your family's going to enjoy it. This is also a really great recipe to bring to a barbecue. It's perfect as a side dish. The flavour is going to definitely impress your family and you can make whatever seasoning you like best. Alright, after we stuff these, all we have to do is bake them in the oven at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. Our recipe is ready. It looks absolutely incredible. Let's give it a try. You can see that the cheese melts so nicely here and all of those veggies that we prepared just are so tasty. Look how delicious. Just slice and serve with rice or pasta. Enjoy.
a person cutting up food on top of a metal pan next to a wooden table
772K views · 12K reactions | A restaurant owner taught me! The secret is in the filling! | A restaurant owner taught me! The secret is in the filling! | By Super Recipes | Facebook
vegetables are being cooked in a pan on the stove
Made my favorite dinner this week and it made me happy! #dinner #dinnerrecipes #onepot #onepotmeals #healthydinner #dinneridea #cooking #food #foodtiktok #familydinner #vegtables #sausage #recipe #usa #viral #fbreel #viralreel #reels #trending #mealsandmunchies | Meals And Munchies | Meals And Munchies · Original audio
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Original Sausage Balls
sausage and peppers cooking in a skillet with the title, sausage after being cooked
There's No Wrong Way to Serve Up Italian Sausage, Peppers, and Onions
sausage and peppers are being cooked in a skillet with tongs on the side
Italian Sausage and Peppers
a skillet filled with pasta and meat covered in sauce, green onions and parsley
Mac and Cheese with Sausage and Bell Peppers (30-Minute, One-Pan Recipe)
sausage and cabbage cooking in a skillet on top of the stove with a red spatula
Fried Cabbage with Sausage
an advertisement for brat's brats hot tub with sausage in the middle and on the side
Johnsonville Brat Hot Tub
two red pans filled with sausage and pasta on top of a table next to salad
All-in-One Sausage Dinner