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a person is making some food on a long wooden platter with powdered sugar
540K views · 8.4K reactions | This easy Summer dessert is a must try! | This easy Summer dessert is a must try! I make lemon blueberry biscuit dessert sandwiches that will make you feel like you're at the fair. This is such... | By Life with Alexa | This easy and simple dessert will make you feel like you're at the fair and you can make it right at home. First, you're going to deep fry some Pillsbury biscuits. Once they are nice and crispy, you will take them out, pat them dry with a paper towel to soak up all the grease and then, you will sprinkle some powdered sugar on them. Next, take a large tub of Cool Whip and mix it with some lemon instant pudding mix. If you love anything lemon, you are going to love this dessert. It is my absolute all-time favorite and all of my friends are always asking me to make It is so good and it is so quick to make. Once you have that mixed, you are going to slice your biscuits in half and then you are going to take some blueberry pie filling and place that on top of half of your biscuits. If you have never had lemon and blueberry together, you are in for an absolute treat because these flavors together are heaven. After placing your pie filling on the bottom half of your biscuits, you are going to top them off with your lemon cool whip mixture. After that, You're going to close your biscuits just like sandwiches and then you have the ultimate dessert that is absolutely to die for. It is so good. Let me know in the comments if this is something you guys would try and if there is anything you would add or change with the recipe.
a woman holding up a bag of fruit in front of a crock pot filled with bananas and strawberries
1.4M views · 1.2K comments | Amazing Crockpot Recipes! | Amazing Crockpot Recipes! Hanna makes her favorite crockpot recipes! | By Hanna and Zechariah | Starting off with a whole loaf of white bread. Wanna stuff this into our Crockpot all in there. Perfect. Awesome. We're going to set this aside for a second and make our mixture that's going to go in. I'm doing two whole blocks of cream cheese. Put it in a microwave safe container. Switch that down a little bit and one cup of brown sugar. Going in. I'm going to warm this up in the microwave. I microwave this for about a minute and a half stirring in between. It's got perfect just going to pull apart these pieces of bread and pour some right down the middle and this is going to make a really yummy like cheese Danish berry Danish kind of French toast casserole Just do a little drizzle. I want to make sure each piece has some and I'm kind of trying to get it on those pieces so it drips down. That's my goal. I don't want it just all going down into the bottom. I really want to get those pieces drenched. Once we got that, we can move it aside. We're going to bring in our egg mixture. Imma make sure I whisk these eggs up before I add any ingredients or else it's going to give me a tricky time and this is a whole dozen of eggs because this is going to feed a ton of people. I know it feels like a ton of eggs but just think of it as if you're feeding 12 people, you feed them 12 eggs. So, we're just going to mix this up Once those eggs are broken, we got a little bit of a good mixture here. Oop, one more. Pretty good. I'm going to add in just one cup of milk. Add a little bit of that creamy custardy texture and what would French toast be without maple syrup so I'm going to do two tablespoons of maple syrup. It's going to give that touch of sweetness So, you can when you serve this, you could pour maple syrup over top each slice but you won't even need to because this is going to have that sweetness already in there. Make sure that's all really well incorporated. So easy to just whip up when you have friends and family in town you can just put this all together let it do its thing in the crockpot enjoy your family time and then when it's ready everyone's ready to eat noone has to stay in the kitchen Alright. Pour it all over. Make sure every piece is getting some love. Oh these these guys need some love on the sides. And this is going to rise as it bakes. They're going to fluff up. I kind of want to make sure once the eggs are in, I just give it a little a little punch in just so but he gets some love in those eggs. Gorgeous. Now, this is do not skip this step because we want a berry dangish. I got some frozen mixed berries and these are just sprinkled all over the top Oh my goodness. This makes it just so tasty. Once your berries are on top, you want to lay a paper towel just so the excess moisture doesn't soak in there. We're going to put our lid on and cook this on high for two and a half hours. Just check it and make sure everything's cooked up. Alright, let's take a look. See, Lou. Ooh. Okay. Oh wow. Goodness. I. Smells good. Smells incredible. Uh this looks so good. Okay. Want a piece right here with some berries. Little crunch on the side. Do you hear that? I do. Get a nice slice. This is perfect for a you know Christmas morning breakfast. Hi baby. Ooh. Oh. That looks cooked to perfection. Wow. Wow. The crisp on the outside. This is going to be really hot but so yummy. The berries, the cheese. Kevin, come here. That's going to be really hot but so good. Should I try it? Yeah. Is it good? Is it kind of like a cheesecakey French toast? Mm hmm. Yum. Alright, we have to try it. About a pound and a half of granny Smith apples. Okay, what are we making? We're making slow cooker apple crisp. Okay. And then we're going to squeeze a lemon here. Doing a full lemon. This is going to give some brightness to the dish. Okay. Even though the Granny Smith, we're going to have a lot of sweetness on top. So, you want like a little bit of that punch. Alright. But a lemon's good. Then, I'm sprinkling some pumpkin spice. If you just have cinnamon, that's okay. Kinda doing about two teaspoons and then onefourth cup of regular sugar and about a teaspoon of vanilla. Stir that all up. That's so easy. Look how easy that is. It's just apples, it's fresh, it's bright, it's cozy, and the best part about this, you don't have to deal with the oven. Now, for our streusel topping, we have one cup of oats and one half cup of flour. Okay. If you're gluten free, you can do any kind of flour you want. That's the fun part. Three fourths cup of brown sugar. I don't care if you do light or dark. Either is great and one fourth cup of white sugar. Okay. And oh almost forgot baking powder. That's a half a teaspoon of that. Can't be full without a sprinkle of your pumpkin spice. Once again, if you do cinnamon, that's fine. I just feel like 'tis the season for pumpkin spice. So, whatever you like, give that all a good mix. Easy peasy. This is like the quickest little put it all in and turn it on. Forget about it. Amazing dessert. Okay, this is where the magic happens. It is the butter. We have eight tablespoons. Hold little chunks. Oops, I forgot one more thing. A little sprinkle of salt. Give it a little bit of that savoriness. Now, we're going to cut this in to make those little yummy pockets of buttery oaty sweet goodness that are going to be crunchy on top. So, patience with this one because at first, it kind of feels like it's never going to happen. Just trust the process. So, this is the consistency we're looking for and we're just going to sprinkle that all over top of our apples. Okay. Easy enough, right? Mm hmm. Oh, kind of make sure everyone's getting some love in here and we are ready to turn this bad boy on going to do a paper towel over top just so it doesn't get all too much moisture on the top then do your lid we're turning it on high for two hours it's been a couple hours so I'm going to open this up let's take a peek here remove our paper towel whoo ooh that looks good but I want the top to get crispy. So I'm going to pop it in the oven for few minutes just to get that final gorgeousness on this. Okay. Sets at 3fifty. You can just take this insert out and pop it right in the oven for about 30 minutes to get a nice crisp. Let's take a look. Ooh Wow. That looks perfect crisp on top. Whoo. Look at that. It's gorgeous. That looks good. Cuz the slow cooker kind of gets all the juices but you still have those chunks of apple. Yeah. Alright, I need to try some of this. I want the crunchiest right there. Oh, wow. Do you hear that? Yum. That looks so yummy. Look at that. Look at that. Wouldn't be apple crisp without some vanilla ice cream. Are you kidding me? That is just match made in heaven right there. Now you are speaking my language. The best part about this is it makes the whole house smell like fall and amazing. So yeah. So cozy. If you have people coming over they're going to be like what candle is that? That smells incredible. And you can say oh it's just my amazing dessert. Cheers. One pound of ground beef already browned on the stove. And one pound of Italian sausage. We went with some spicy sausage. We got one onion finely diced. Throw that right in and we got about three cloves of garlic. Nice and minced. We're putting Italian seasoning. Just really get it in there. Think I'm going to use the rest of mine that I have and we gotta do the classics. We gotta do some salt. And just a touch of pepper. We're not a big pepper family. We like the salts though so I'm going to do a little bit more of that. Alright. Tomato paste. If you have not gotten one of these for the tomato paste, this is a game changer. It's in a tube so you're not opening a whole can and then what do you do with the rest of the can? This is amazing. Just kind of doing like a tablespoon in there and I'm going to stir this up. One full jar of marinara sauce once that's all mixed together and then here's the trick we're going to add some chicken broth as well I got bone broth you can do regular broth I'm just going to fill up this entire jar of marinara that way we get all the sauce that's stuck on the sides and it's a good way of measuring too just fill that all the way up give this a little I mean a little extra because I you know I just do a whole carton on one of these I don't like to have just like a little bit extra put your lid on shake it up and then you got all those juices. Nothing wasted. Perfect. Now, we're going to stir this up. Give it a little stir. And I'm also going to tear up some of this basil. This is fresh basil. You don't have fresh, you can do dried but I like using fresh herbs when I got the chance. When I have the chance. Oh, it smells amazing. I love the smell of fresh basil. It's so yummy. This is all going to cook in all these flavors. So, Really? Don't be shy with the basil. We're not shy with the basil in this house. And give it a stir again. Once all those ingredients are nice and incorporated, stirred up. We can put it on high for an hour. Put your lid on. Let all the flavors melt together and just let the magic happen and we'll be back for a couple more things. That smells incredible. Give this a little stir. It's been cooking up in there but we got another ingredient. Very important ingredient to add here. Lasagna noodles and this is the fun part. Just take your lasagna noodles. You're just going to crab however big of pieces as you want. Might do em kind of A little bit smaller than this. About like whatever. Just have fun with it. Whatever you want to do. Crack em all in. I'm going to do a full box. Like I said, you can keep these big or you can make em really small. Whatever you want to do. Don't try to think about it too much. Just crack em on in. Super fun. Just got a whole box here. I like some bigger chunks and some little ones too. It's the last of them there. I'm going to Get them in the heat here. Stir them down. And once these are stirred in, from touching liquid. Once those are in there, we're going to put our lid back on. Keep it on high. These will cook for about 30 minutes. Two cups of mozzarella. Two cups of parmesan. This is going to be a little cheese mixture that goes on top of our soup. Two cups of ricotta. Most important cheese of all. Making this while the noodles are cooking, right? Yep, those noodles are cooking up. So, just pop in some cheese for the top. Got some shredded basil, fresh basil. You can use dried, that's fine. And I'm going to do some thyme as well because that is just so yummy. I love thyme. Fresh thyme. Oh my goodness. So good. Just going to go backwards on the stalk there. And it'll all just fall right into your cheese. Yummy. Maybe do one more. Perfect. Oh, the time smells so good. I'm also going to do a little sprinkle of this garlic powder. It's got a little extra flave. Nothing too much, just a little sprinkle. And we'll mix all these cheeses together. Let's take a look at our soup here oh my goodness look those noodles cooked right up wow it looks really good a nice little stir wow that looks so cozy like on a little stormy day like today this is exactly what I want for dinner feeds a ton of people so that's also a huge win especially around the holidays you can just whip it up taking my cheese I'm taking little dollops kind of like a cheese ball. I'm just going to doll up it right on the top. Nice, big cheese ball. Honestly, the best part about lasagna for me is the cheese, the ricotta, the mozzarella, That's really what shines for me in a lasagna. So we just want to cover this whole thing with these cheese balls. Make them kind of bigger. I can get one more in there. This guy's looking a little sad. None going to waste. Not in my kitchen. There we go. And now we're just going to put the lid on for five more minutes. Just to let all that cheese get ooey gooey, melty, yummy and then we're going to try it. Let's take a look. Whoa. That looks so good. It looks good. It smells amazing. I have got to try this. Going in the middle. I love a thick soup like a thick, cozy soup. It looks like a slice of lasagna. It does. And that was so easy to make. The yummy cheese on top. Noodle. Okay, that's plenty. That's plenty. I don't want to burn my mouth but I need to try this. The noodles are perfectly cooked. The flavor, the cheese pull. Um hello. Hello, cheesy. Mmm. Good. Ten out of 10. Alright, I'm going to spoon myself a bowl. That's so good.
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