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Asya Dolina

Леди Уинтер
Asya Dolina
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Platonov Pavel - This art work is realy geometrical and i loe the shape and form of the used mask. I can't see a clan massage or Intention by creating this Image but it realy cought my atention and impresses me.

Воланд и Кот Бегемот / Woland and the cat Behemoth

Woland and Behemoth- The Master and Margarita- Kuczek

кот Бегемот // иллюстрации к "Мастеру и Маргарите"

Illustrator Aleksey Derzhavin made a series of 31 illustrations for 'The Master and Margarita'.

Кот Бегемот (@vladcher1) | Twitter

Behemoth, the mischievous, gun-happy, vodka-drinking, fast-talking black cat from The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov.

Коровьев-Фагот (бывший регент с камертоном)

Koroviev 'Master and Margarita"

Коровьев и Бегемот / Koroviev and Behemoth

Коровьев и Бегемот / Koroviev and Behemoth