DIY Adorable Knitted Baby Booties 2

DIY Adorable Knitted Baby Booties

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Child Knitting Patterns Child Knitting Patterns Baby Knitting Patterns Supply : Baby Knitting Patterns by paulahaemmerlin

Cabled Sweater Criss Cross Vest And Cowl Neckwarmer By Pilland - Purchased Knitted Pattern - (etsy)

cabled vest/cowl - *Inspiration* this one is knit but you could easily crochet this so pull out your favorite scarf pattern and get to crocheting. You may need to adjust the width of the scarf. Once your scarf is long enough, wrap it around yourse.

Can't believe I found this pattern! What I once posted thinking it was a vest, is really a dress. It's the Icon Dress by Purl Alpaca Designs.

Icon Dress Knitting Pattern - Purl Alpaca Designs - for a second there i couldn't see her legs. still can't quite see them :P

вязание спицами АЖУРЫ, СЕТКИ, КРУЖЕВА.

Russian Patterns from 1877 (NEW PDF book Download) I want to thank Valérie bleudecroix for providing the Easy Cross files = + + + +...

Free Easy Cross, Pattern Maker, PCStitch Charts + Free Historic Old Pattern Books: PCStitch= Ughly Sweater