Tianjin Bridged Gardens _ by Turenscape Design Institute. I appreciate the use of elevation, form and color to juxtapose this space with the formality of the surrounding hardscape/lawn. This is a possible driver for my outdoor classroom space(s)

Funenpark in Amsterdam by LANDLAB studio voor landschapsarchitectuur (Arnhem) in collaboration with O.O (Berlicum). It has a green roof.

University of California Irvine Contemporary Arts Center / Ehrlich Architects / LRM Landscape Architecture

Gallery of University of California Irvine Contemporary Arts Center / Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects - 15

University of California Irvine Contemporary Arts Center / Ehrlich Architects partners with LRM Landscape Architecture to make this cool outdoor space for students.

08 SLA landscape architecture photo by OREV « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine

SUDS urban water by SLA- Denmark/ Copenhagen- The City Dune Copenhagen - Landscape Information Title: The City Dune - acclimatized urban space in Copenhagen Programme

grass pavers .

Patio paver ideas for your garden or backyard. Stone, brick, and block paver design ideas.

Friedberg's Jacob Riis Plaza

The large open spaces between the blocks were poorly laid out, with little consideration of the residents' needs. Paul Friedberg redesigned separated the space into human scaled areas using pergolas, terraces and mounds

“Experiments in Motion.” The show, curated by Christopher Barley and Troy Conrad Therrien, is exhibited next to the Low Line underground park model in an Essex Street warehouse, further exploring the future of mobility, urban space, and transportation within (and below) the city

projection of map. glowing map of New York's subway system hangs from a dark ceiling and projects different measurements of time, space & travel upon the ground below / Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture

Modern Beach "peeling back landscape in reverse"

I really like this idea - Modern Beach Vision in Morro Bay, California by Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

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Completed in 2011 in Rome, Italy. A few days ago we featured, in progress, the WHATAMI project, winner of the 2011 Young Architect Program at the MAXXI.

Central Park Bridge; F06 Pedestrian Bridge, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, UK by Heneghan Peng Architects

Aerial photo of the footbridge linking the Aquatics Centre and Olympic Stadium in the centre of the Olympic Park, July 2012