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three notebooks with the title'tips for teaching writing'in front of them
Tips for Teaching Writing: Incorporate Grammar
a pink sign with words written on it in front of a computer keyboard and monitor
Narrative Writing and Reading: Using Dialogue and More! - The Teacher Studio
an interactive anchor chart for reading and writing with the text plot on it, which includes five
Ways to Make Anchor Charts Interactive
If your anchor charts are cute but your students don't know how to use them, they're not purposeful. This post includes five ideas about how to make your ELA anchor charts interactive! Reading anchor charts are the best when students can add their thinking to them and access information. Read about tips for using sticky notes, interactive graphic organizers, and more to make your charts student-friendly! #anchorchart #elaanchorchart
a white board with several different types of papers on it and some words written in them
A lot of Plot - Hillary's Teaching Adventures
a note book with instructions on how to use it and what to put in the notebook
Interactive Notebook Setup
interactive notebook set up for high school students
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