Miniature embroidery by Chloe Giordano | animal embroidery | modern embroidery | realistic embroidery

Meticulously-Stitched Embroideries Sculpt Fuzzy Woodland Creatures with Thread

Embroidery Chloe Giordano Embroidery embroiders miniaturized woodland creatures so densely, they look like raised illustrations.

interesting idea, these projects look to be stitched right onto painter's canvas that has been painting to a nice background color.  Hmmm - - - Modern Embroidery by TrueFort | bicycle embroidery | embroidery ideas | hoop art | creative hoop art

Charming Bicycle Embroidery Have Beautiful Blooms Spilling From Baskets

Cow parsley countryside hoop art

In this video tutorial we are doing a super simple machine embroidery project. You can stitch my rose design out on