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the sun is setting over some buildings in paris
Last airbnb of the trip. We'll call this a success // paris, travel, europe, france, eiffel tower
an overhead view of a spiral staircase in a building
The inside of this building is amazing. Well done Mr Foster. // reichstag, berlin, germany, architecture, europe
a river with buildings on both sides and a clock tower in the distance under a cloudy sky
This. Place. Is. Incredible // stockholm, sweden, traveling, europe
a large building sitting on the side of a river
Back home with Stockholm on my mind // sweden, stockholm, scandanavia, castle
a person standing at the top of a cliff looking out over a valley and forest
Horizon. #Catskills #upstateny #newyork #weekendadventures #running #strava #nyrr #trailrunning #runningadventures
there is a large body of water in front of the cityscape and skyscrapers
A.S. Couillard
manhattan // nyc
the sun is setting over some buildings in paris
A.S. Couillard - Last airbnb of the trip. We’ll call this a...
that view // paris, montmatre, pigalle, europe, eiffel tower, wanderlust, france
several boats are docked in the water next to colorful buildings and cobblestone streets
A.S. Couillard - Mandatory canal photo. They do pretty really well...
Nyhan Copenhagen // canal, europe, places, travel, wanderlust
an old building with a dome in the middle of it
A.S. Couillard
copenhagen // church, europe, architecture, denmark, travel
a snow covered road with trees on both sides
A.S. Couillard
blizzard2016 // running, nyc, new york, brooklyn, prospect park, snowy, jonas
an overhead view of a concert hall filled with people sitting in seats and lights hanging from the ceiling
A.S. Couillard
NYC Ballet // nutcracker, lincoln center, nyc, new york
there is a book and a glass on the table next to it with a beer
A.S. Couillard
A.S. Couillard
the view from top of a mountain looking down at a valley
A.S. Couillard
california // topanga canyon, running, mountains, Los Angeles
the sun is setting over a calm lake
A.S. Couillard
prospect park // brooklyn, new york, sunrise