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Innocent Whor
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SLOW AWAKENING (Richmond BC) by Enda Bardell Watercolor ~ 16" x 20" framed

Farmboy Fine Arts are international art consultants who also build site specific, custom artwork and design elements for hospitality, healthcare, retail and corporate environments

The peyote stitch technique consists of three subtypes of stitching: odd count, even count and tubular. Each of these stitches are totally different from one another, but you still come out with the same beautiful result in the end. After learning How to Peyote Stitch, there’s no stopping you when it comes to combating a new jewelry design skill.

Not only are you learning new skills, but you're saving money by not going out and buying super expensive jewelry pieces. Learn How to Peyote Stitch: Even Count, Odd Count and Tubular on your own!